In a nutshell: design, coffee, literature and art.

I'm a senior-level Product Designer who loves solving problems. In my design practices, I always aim to advocate for the user via user-centered design practices while meeting business needs. Portfolio case studies are available upon request.

I've worked at H&R Block Canada on the DIY tax software, Tangerine Bank on the innovation product Goals, and various high-impact e-commerce projects at Shopify.

Aside from being a design fanatic, I am an avid reader of good books and visual (both traditional and digital media) artist. You can view my artwork here.

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As a full-stack product designer, I have a multi-faceted array of relevant skills. That being said, I am constantly learning and striving to grow as a designer.

front-end development and programming

Front-End Development

I am fluent in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I've worked with AngularJS, used Git as a version control system and am currently learning React.

Visual Design

Visual Design

I can take a wireframe to a high fidelity mockup, create graphic assets and generally make things pretty.

interaction design

Interaction Design

I can map out a holistic product user journey and interaction points.

front-end development and programming

Usability Testing / UX Research

Validating designs based on research and data is critical. I know how to plan and deploy UX research initiatives.

Information architecture

Information Architecture

Using industry best practices and validation, I can structure content logically in a hierarchy that makes sense.

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